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If you own a bakkie, and you’re looking for a quality cover, we’re about to change your life.

Rigidek is South Africa’s first and only no-handle, lightweight and secure aluminium load bin cover and promises to take your bakkie to the next level.

What exactly is it that makes this cover so unique?

“It’s a world first!”

The brand new Rigidek aluminium bakkie cover features state of the art manufacturing techniques- 12 years in the making. The aluminium extrusions that serve as the perimeter and structural components of the Rigidek were crafted with precision and function as the hinges, as well as the attachment bracketry that fits on your bakkie’s load-bin. The body of the Rigidek is made of a combination of solid, composite or textured rolled aluminium sheeting.

“It’s as easy as 1 2 3!”

With the unique stainless steel auto-locking system, the Rigidek is simple to operate. It is both secure and durable. Simply push the button on your remote control to open the cover. It also features a ‘double lock’ mechanism that enhances security and sealing against dust and moisture- making it ‘weatherproof’.

“On again/ off again.”

A Rigidek installation consists of a ‘utility rail’ system that is clamped to the load-bin of your truck. If available we use bolt-holes, which serve as the attachment points for our lock-strikers, gas-lifts and other hardware. It is insulated from the load-bin by either the rubberizing or our own closed cell rubber strip. Removing the Rigidek is as simple as unclipping the gas-lifts and sliding the Rigidek to one side off the load-bin.

“But wait, there’s more…”

A sleek finish is guaranteed, with no visible latch or keyhole on the surface of the Rigidek.

Roll bars and easy-down mechanisms for your tailgate.

The bin cover can be colour coded to match your vehicle.

'Package friendly' accessory hooks- whatever is packed in will stay put.


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