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How established is Rigidek as a brand?

Rigidek has been serving the South African market since 2002.

What is Rigidek?

Rigidek is a range of premium, lockable aluminium load bin covers.

Does the Rigidek require maintenance?

This product requires very little in terms of maintenance and the stainless steel hardware and locking system ensures that there is never a need to worry about rust.

Which bakkie brands can make use of a Rigidek?

The Rigidek can be fitted on all models of vehicle brands including Ford, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and more. For detailed technical information on each brand, please go to our ‘downloads’ page or contact us.

What is the Rigidek manufactured from?

The bin cover is manufactured from aluminium which is long lasting and durable. The product is lightweight and weighs just 20kg on regular sized double cabs, making it the lightest full featured aluminium cover in the world.

Can I drive with the Rigidek open?

It isn’t advisable to drive at highway speeds with an open Rigidek. Depending on the model, larger loads can be transported at lower speeds with the Rigidek open (but only under certain conditions). Please contact us for more info.

Is there a key required to lock and unlock the Rigidek?

If you want a key, we have a key. The most popular option features a remote control unit that opens the Rigidek with the touch of a button. In these cases, a key isn’t required.

What else does the sleek and low profile design offer?

The Rigidek’s design ensures that fuel consumption of your bakkie is optimized, particularly due to the reduced aerodynamic drag that is evident at highway speeds.

What other accessories and features does the Rigidek offer?

Accessory rails with package friendly hooks ensure your groceries are safely secured. In addition to this you can also have a 3mm or 15mm rubber matt fitted ensuring load bin contents, toolboxes or even groceries don’t slide around.

Is the Rigidek bin cover difficult to remove and refit?

No. The bin cover is extremely light and can be completely removed in as little as just 30 seconds. Complete removal provides access to the entire load bin for loading larger objects. (Custom designs or roll-bars may add a minute or two.)

Is the Rigidek waterproof?

We specifically call the Rigidek “weatherproof” to eliminate the miss-conception of “waterproof”. Submerging the Rigidek underwater wont’ go down too well. But, chances are this isn’t something you will be doing. Due to its design the Rigidek fits over the sides of most load-bins and rain cannot penetrate it from the top. A high pressure water hose or intense rain may cause a drop or two to enter the load-bin, particularly through the opening on the sides of the tailgate. All in all though, the Rigidek has your covered.

Can the Rigidek be wrapped in our company decals and graphics?

Yes, the Rigidek can be ordered with a smooth finish that is perfect for adding decals, advertising, styling wrapping or truck tattoos.

Can I fit the Rigidek myself?

Yes, depending on the model and options required. Some models, however, do require that the Rigidek be fitted by one of our qualified technicians.

During installation, is the vehicles electrical system interfered with?

We do not interfere with the vehicles’ wiring at all. Two wires are attached via a fuseto the accessory rails on the battery. This is attached to the remote receiver and or LED lighting as needed.

Is there a waiting list for a Rigidek or do you carry stock?

On occasion we may have some of the popular models on hand but mostly the Rigidek’s are built on order. This can take 2-10 working days depending on the level of finish (paint, wrapping, etc) and order volume experienced by the factory.

Can you provide Rigidek for older models of bakkies? Can you do custom jobs?

Yes. We welcome custom projects that challenge us and allow our team to create one-off works of art that will give you years of enjoyment, beauty and additional functionality to your pride and joy.

What is the guarantee on the Rigidek?

The Rigidek carries a three-year no nonsense guarantee against manufacturing defects. The gas-springs carry a 12 month warrantee by their suppliers but have been known to last in excess of 5 years.




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